Twitter announce brand pages!

Twitter announce brand pages!

So finally Twitter have announced that they are going to be doing something a bit different for brands… they have just announced the upcoming launch of “Brand Pages”, following in the footsteps of Google+ who recently announced theirs.

In this video you can see a couple of clips of the new brand pages, and also see some of the other changes to the user experience.

Brands basically get a big header image, and the ability to promote a tweet to the top, acting sort of like a welcome message and enabling them to control the first thing their users see.

But the question on everyone’s lips is “Will I need to set up a new profile, or does Twitter let us convert the current one?”. There was a lot of disgruntled users having to start afresh when Facebook introduced pages and wanted businesses moving away from groups, for example.

Brand pages will be beta tested on a few big brands first so you can expect to start seeing them fairly soon.


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