Why your College’s salon or restaurant isn’t appearing in Google Listings – and how to fix it

Why your College’s salon or restaurant isn’t appearing in Google Listings – and how to fix it

If you’re a College running a subsidiary business such as a salon, cafe or restaurant, this blog post was written for you.

Picture the scene: someone requires a service, which you provide. They will now search online for relevant companies in their area, and your College’s business should be one of the first that appear. Try a search now for the service you offer and your location – are you there?

97% of people search for local businesses online. If your company is not appearing in the relevant searches, you are missing the opportunity to broadcast your services free of charge to your local potential customers. Make this a priority as part of your SEO strategy; the first seven local listings are displayed before organic listings even start.

Take, for example, one of the local colleges here in Brighton. They run a beauty salon which provides low-cost hair and cosmetic services throughout the year. The salon allows consumers to enjoy a professional treatment for a fraction of the cost and allows students to build on their experience as they work towards their qualifications. It’s a great service, but you won’t find it organically by searching for salons in Brighton.

To get you started establishing your Google Listings, we are providing our Best Practice Tips for Colleges to help you ensure your subsidiary businesses are visible online. If you run a cafe, restaurant, hair salon or anything similar, think of it as a separate part of your College and as a business that needs to be advertised.

Net Natives’ Best Practices for Google Listings:


  1. Treat it as free, simple advertising: your business will appear in searches including your service and your location.
  2. Go to and log in with your Google account. We recommend you use a generic email address so more than one person can edit the listing if needed.
  3. Make sure you have a 100% completion rate. Google favours businesses that complete the form and tick all the boxes.
  4. Include the right category types. You can include up to five industries to categorise your business, so use these to catch as many people as possible in their searches.
  5. Describe your business. You can be detailed but keep to the 200-word limit, and make sure it sells your company and your service
  6. Then, verify your business. Google Local Business Centre (GLBC) will send you a pin number so you can authenticate your listing. Once this is verified, your Local Business Centre listing will go live.

Use these points as your initial checklist when setting up your listing. For more Natives expertise on juicy things like link building, multiple listings and real time updates, make sure you get in touch! Give us a call on 01273 734 640 to hear us wax lyrical about Google Local Business Centre Listings.


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