The Latest Developments from Facebook are Great News for your Brand Page

The Latest Developments from Facebook are Great News for your Brand Page

Yep, there’s another Facebook development in town! Two, in fact. Last week, Facebook announced its latest new features for brand pages: the arrival of different roles for admins and the ability to schedule posts up to six months in advance.

So, what’s different?

Previously, all admins had the same permissions as each other. Now, there are 5 different admin roles in a hierarchal structure where each admin has one or two fewer privileges than the admin above them. The Page Manager rules the roost and is the only one now able to manage these roles, putting an end to admins deleting each other and causing disputes. The table below shows the responsibilities and limitations for each admin:

You’ll now be able to create a much more defined and streamlined area of responsibility for each of your admins. There’s no limit to the number of admins a Page can have, so it makes sense that they are each working toward a different goal.

You should also now feel more confident in adding admins to your Page, without the perpetual fear that staff who find themselves no longer on your payroll might decide to delete or otherwise sabotage your hard work.

So what about scheduling posts?

Scheduling posts to appear on your Facebook timeline at pre-arranged points looks just as straightforward. When you go to post content to your Page, click the timer icon in the lower left corner of the sharing tool, choose the date and time you want your update to appear and click Schedule. Choosing a date in the past sees the content appear at that point in your timeline.

And why are these features such great news?

Both new changes cement Facebook’s dedication to becoming a serious, grown-up business platform. With Page Managers retaining sole power to assign varying degrees of responsibility to their Page’s admins, there should now be a clear structure to each team member’s remit and a lot less danger of several people all trying to do the same job.

On top of this, providing the ability to create scheduled content presents Facebook as a self-contained, self-sufficient environment in which brands can maintain a 24/7 presence without the need for external applications such as HootSuite. If you don’t want to be posting content to your Page over the next bank holiday weekend, make sure you get to grips with this great feature.

Take a look at Facebook’s help centre pages about admin roles here and scheduled postings here. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out any more about how these changes will affect your brand strategy – give us a call on 01273 734 640 or email us at


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