Recruitment tips and advice – learn to do more yourself…

Recruitment tips and advice – learn to do more yourself…

I am going to expand on some of these points later (especially the effective referral schemes and social media strategy), but wanted to get out there some simple recruitment tips and advice that we know help in the hiring process and will keep costs down.

These are some key points to a successful recruitment strategy;

  1. Question yourself  – work out why you need to fill the role, what is the key purpose and what is the key outcome? Do you need to create a new hire or can you promote or manage internally?
  2. Analysis of your recruitment spend– work out how much you have spent on recruitment, where you have spent it and which spend has been successful. Track your recruitment marketing spend.
  3. Write an effective job description – this is different to the job advert, it is the list of key objectives and points of measurable success that will determine if that new hire has been successful. There are no such things as bad employees, only bad hires!
  4. Get input – should you be the only person to write the job description or would it be more relevant to get input from other people – current team members, perhaps?
  5. Centralise your recruitment – if you have a number of hiring managers all recruiting separately, you will be putting forward mixed messages and you certainly will have increased your recruitment costs.
  6. Utilise your own talent pool – have you established an effective referral scheme? Look at ways in which your own talent will put forward your company as the best place to work. Work out how to get that message across effectively to your employees.
  7. Use your network – ask your peers and clients if they know of anyone suitable. Promote the fact that you are hiring, people want to hear good news and will want to help.
  8. Ask for referrals in final interviews – if someone is good and you are hiring for more than one role, ask them if they know of anyone. They will probably know people in their network.
  9. Free advertising – There are a number of free job board advertising routes you can place your ads. If the role is relevant you could even advertise on the Jobcentre plus site.
  10. Create a talent pool – track all people who you have hired or interviewed in the past and ask them if  they can be registered. Adhere to data protection with opting in tools, but keep in touch with relevant people with emails and contacts. Remember these aren’t just candidates these could be clients.
  11. Create a social media strategy – – create LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts and market your roles to your network. You’ll be amazed by the results. Done effectively, it will also improve your business leads as well.
  12. Create a PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to your site. Highlight the words you think people would search on and then buy those phrases for the Google campaign.
  13. Respond quickly – if you are running an online advertised campaign, make sure you identify the good people quickly and respond quickly before they are hired by someone else.
  14. Track all of your candidates – always keep them informed of the process. Remember, your candidates are your clients. You may want to consider inputting a candidate management system. If you hire more than 10 staff a year, this can be very useful and not as expensive as you may think.
  15. Plan – establish a recruitment strategy, so you can work out when you could potentially be looking at your next hire.
  16. Motivate – keep your staff motivated and informed of your business plans, keep your star players on the field.

There is a lot to take in here and I would welcome any comments as to what works, what doesn’t and if anyone else has any other ideas to contribute…

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