Released Today: Adoption Map of the UK with Numbers of Children Needing Homes

Released Today: Adoption Map of the UK with Numbers of Children Needing Homes

The government is currently publishing a UK-wide map of the numbers of children waiting to be adopted. The map is split by county, is colour coded by levels of adoption rates and coincides with a new hotline for people wanting to adopt that opens today. To view the map, click here.

According to Children’s Minister Edward Timpson, “these new tools will give many more people support in taking the first steps to adopting a child and giving them the chance to succeed in life.” However, we understand many local and district authorities feel the move does not take into account the more complex aspects of adoption and ignores the great individual work going on in each of these local authorities.

Despite this, we feel the new initiative could be utilised by local authorities’, adoption and (fostering) services in a positive way. Here are some of our ideas on making a positive outcome from the government action:

  • It’s a powerful marketing message. Used in the correct way on brochures, landing pages or your website, it could be just the message needed to influence them to enquire
  • Start a discussion on social media. Members of the public who haven’t yet heard about the new initiative may also have strong views on the subject. Commenting on a controversial move such as this will always further your reach on social – and the message might just reach the friend of a friend who needed a little extra encouragement
  • Include it in your advertising messages. Advertising on- or offline? Statistics often work well in short and snappy advertising copy – a sure way to grab the public’s attention

Both initiatives are said to be ‘aimed at helping people who want to adopt find the information they need’, – but what do you think?

We would love to know your view on the sudden leaked information. Do you think this will help adoption services? Or just lead to further finger-pointing and blame? Will the new release of numbers inspire the public to make that first move to find out how they can adopt?

Let us know in the comments below.


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