Introducing The Latest Version Of Our Award-Winning Social Marketing Software, Big Top…

Introducing The Latest Version Of Our Award-Winning Social Marketing Software, Big Top…

It’s the chosen social marketing software of CERN, Dixons, G4S, Tetley’s and The Guardian and the number-one choice of universities, colleges and local government.

Net Natives’ Big Top social marketing software is software as a service and our clients are about to see a big difference when they receive the Summer upgrade.

As we get ready to roll out the new and improved version, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek of what’s in store…

New Statistics Dashboard

Big Top Stats Beta

Introducing the new Big Top dashboard. All our applications now use our new in-house tracking system to help you discover who your fans are and how they behave. You can now access key stats such as peak fan activity times, numbers of mobile/desktop users, total leads generated and more from the new Dashboard interface. We’ve made it easier for you to manage your Apps and content too.

Facebook post scheduling

Scheduled posts

You can now use the Big Top dashboard to control when your posts reach your fans. The new scheduled posts feature allows you to construct a wall post and then specify the date and time you’d like the post to be sent out – perfect for reaching your fans when they’re actually online, not just during your working hours.

More features for our users – quizzes, photo competitions, surveys, forums, voucher codes

Quiz App

You name it, we have it … whatever you need to add to your engagement strategy and to capture leads, you can create through Big Top. With our new Quiz Application, you’ll run quizzes that generate engagement and leads – perfect for enrolment and open days. Our Survey Application socialises the feedback process to make running those satisfaction surveys or market research experiments simple, sociable and shareable – perfect for alumni. And the Photo Competition? Well, what it says on the tin really… check out one that’s live in Australia

All of our clients on the latest versions of Big Top will be upgraded this summer when the roll-out is completed, but if you want to find out more before that, just get in touch.


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