Why 2013 was great, but why 2014 will be better

Why 2013 was great, but why 2014 will be better

This is a version of the end of year internal comms for Net Natives before our Christmas party that I wanted to share…happy-new-year-comics-dc-marvel-justice-league-liga-da-justica-big-bang-theory-feliz-ano-novo-quadrinhos

Before the Christmas party tomorrow, I just wanted to have a quick reflection on the year. I am going to post this as a blog, so it is less sweary than usual…

I know the year’s not over, but it’s the party tomorrow and I wanted to remind everyone of the reasons why we can be a little bit self-congratulatory…

This year…

  • We’ve hit the financial, revenue and profit targets we set ourselves (again)

(For those interested this means that we have grown on average of 95% year on year since 2008)

  • We’ve grown our market share in our key sectors (education and local government)
  • Australia has been a success from Year 1 – with great clients, campaigns and case studies
  • We’ve pioneered digital marketing techniques that are light years away from anything else other agencies are able to offer
  • We’ve invested in internal systems that have improved our workflow and management
  • 76% of our business has been generated from existing clients (this is the stat I like most)

What we do is loved and valued by our clients…

Thanks to everyone, we’re all now part of a global multi-million pound pioneering digital business. I like saying that…

But here’s why 2014 will smash 2013’s achievements…!

  1. Our Brand – The Natives’ brand is incredibly strong within our key markets through our clients’ loving us – in 2014 we’re investing heavily in marketing to ensure we will be EVERYWHERE, telling our stories, sharing our case studies
  2. Our Marketing – Ironically for a company which is a digital marketing specialist, we’ve always lacked in the marketing department – in 2014 we already have some great plans in place and we’ll be hiring (with some strategic outsourcing) to make sure our own marketing and client acquisition is as good as the services we deliver into our clients
  3. Our People – We have the best set of individuals and teams. I am incredibly proud of the people and the ethos we have here. Bar one or two strategic hires (e.g. marketing), we don’t need new people to make us better, so the investment will be in us all. 2014 is the year we are all out at conferences and attending whatever courses we think would benefit us
  4. Big Top – Our digital marketing knowledge, combined with our own software has always been what has set us apart. But Big Top 2.0 is really Un-freakin-believable. There really is nothing out there on the market and it will be impossible for anyone to come close to what we will offer when it launches in a few months. We’re not just ahead of the game, we are defining the rules of the games before they’ve even been played…!

We will make our clients look amazing and we’ll have fun on the way. Again.

But for now, tomorrow it is all about the party (and the cheese and the wine and the smart suits and the dresses and the music and the games and the lunches).

And who is planning the 2014 Summer Party and how are we going to top Amsterdam?!


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