Net Natives launches Widening Participation marketing campaigns

Net Natives launches Widening Participation marketing campaigns

For us, it’s all about creating better futures for everyone, regardless of their background. So we’ve been focusing our efforts on helping universities engage with Widening Participation students and ensuring Higher Education is accessible to everyone.

Through working with over 230 Colleges and Universities, running various campaigns targeting NEET’s, and our work with local authorities to get young people out of care, Net Natives have gained expertise and knowledge on targeting disadvantaged prospective students through the wonders of digital.

  • Want to target WP students with messages relevant to them?
  • Create enquiries for increased engagement and conversions?
  • Change perceptions before WP groups and their parents have even interacted with your University?

We already target a range of groups online, from parents, to foster carers, and even young people out of employment, education and training.

If you want to target more LPN students, those from low socio-economic backgrounds, mature WP students, BME students, or any other group you’re finding it a challenge to reach and engage – get in touch with us here.