Net Natives at BAAF Workshops 2015

Net Natives at BAAF Workshops 2015

Throughout June and July, Net Natives supported the BAAF Workshops to support local authorities and adoption agencies with their recruitment initiatives to find specialist adopters. Catch up on the talk from Nick Willmer and understand more about the digital journey of an adoptive parent and how you can use social media to recruit parents for hard to place children; including…

  • How people search for information on adoption?
  • Key topics that are related to adoption searches outside of the generic ‘How to adopt?’ searches.
  • Level of awareness around adopting older children.
  • Where people search for information on adoption?
  • And where they talk about it online?
  • Case studies and best practice for recruiting adopters for older children

Contact Net Natives to find out how you can use this information to recruit adoptive parents for older children.

Nick Willmer is Local Authority and Children’s Services Manager for Net Natives, supporting councils and agencies with their citizen communications and recruiting foster carers and adopters.