#ALevelResults Day Hashtag Snapshot

#ALevelResults Day Hashtag Snapshot

A-Level Results Day, the big one, a mix of excitement, disappointment and importantly for our clients, the start of Clearing.

Firstly good luck to everyone today; students, parents and everyone working at a school, college or university.

Our Insights team have been busy collecting data on how the day is unfolding and we just wanted to give you a brief snapshot of what hashtags are trending around A Level results and Clearing – maybe you it will help with your content strategy for the rest of the day.

We still have loads of the day left and are seeing some interesting results so stay tuned for an update later today!

The top #hashtags by 12 noon

clearing day blog post image

Data is based on activity across the main social platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The question our Insights team is asking in the office is “Who is actually using these different #hashtags and in what context?” Is it Universities, potential students, press, celebrities, this is something we will be exploring in more detail in later analysis.

We’ve also pulled out this handy word cloud of the conversations happening all over the web around A Level results and Clearing.

clearing day blog post image2

As you can see there is a lot more common words being used on top of the three key hashtags. Are you focusing your social media attentions in the right areas?

Find out how the day unfolds later on ☺