Activengine: Net Natives Is About To Take Audience Activation To A Whole New Level…

Activengine: Net Natives Is About To Take Audience Activation To A Whole New Level…


As a relatively new Native (Hello!) I’m very excited to be writing my first blog post and I’m glad it’s a big one. Net Natives is about to release something pretty major: Activengine, our very own Data Management Platform (DMP) and tag management system. If you don’t know much about DMPs then let me get you up to speed…

Good marketing is powered by data – Activengine allows organisations to capture, consolidate, analyse and activate all their data – website, CRM and social media. It turns it into meaningful persona-based audiences, monitored in real-time and uses it to inform accurately targeted campaigns.

Digital marketing is at a transformative stage… the future is holistically assessed, more targeted and more cost effective than ever before. Activengine sits at the heart of it, allowing users to:

Make More Informed Marketing Decisions

Holistically assess all your digital activity in one place – paid and organic, social, search and programmatic. Track the interaction of every single website visitor on and off your site in real-time using the Activengine dashboard.

Reach a Bigger, Better Audience

Expand your reach – engage with new, high quality prospects. Activengine intelligently identifies new ‘look-a-like’ audiences based on a complex analysis of your current audience.

Deliver the Right Message, at the Right Place and Time, to the Right People.

Deliver a specifically targeted message based not only on an individual’s particular interests, demographic and location, but on their previous interaction with you. You can make sure you hit them with just the right message, optimised for whichever platform and device they’re using, to keep them headed in the right direction along the student conversion journey.

Access to the World’s Leading Marketing Technologies

You don’t need big brand budgets to access big brand technology. Activengine makes access to the same cutting edge marketing tools used by big brands from Apple to Adidas, such as DoubleClick and Marin Enterprise, a reality for universities and colleges.

ACTIVENGINE flow chart

How it Works

The implementation of the Activepixel – a single line of code embedded in your website and all that’s needed to link your site to Activengine – takes less than 20 minutes which should keep college and university IT teams happy. Activengine actively links to all tags necessary to track your digital activity – so no further web development necessary. We’ll handle the technology so you can concentrate on the marketing!

Charlie Penrose
Head of Creative & Communications