Free resources to make you an education marketing maestro

Free resources to make you an education marketing maestro


After reading up about some of the potential advances from Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Team, I began thinking about the current online resources, which are already out there – to make a marketer’s life that little bit easier.

Below are some of the best free online resources, which we wanted to share with you… we’re nice like that sometimes! These are perfect for making you the best marketer you can be; but remember, our team of Natives are always on hand to provide you with digital expertise. You’ll also be able to spot a couple of our own tools nestled within this list too.

Content resources

As recommended by our advertising and marketing teams.

Content writing: Ensure your spelling, grammar and sentence structure is accurate. This tool will pick up errors a standard spell checker will miss.

Headline writing: Create a headline which drives traffic, generates social shares and is also SEO friendly.

CMS uploading: Convert your content from a word document into a clean HTML format. This will avoid any unnecessary formatting after you upload online.

Social Media resources

Twitter monitoring: View your mentions, schedule tweets for the future, monitor various hashtags and track your account’s notifications.

Twitter analytics: See how users are reacting and engaging with your content.

Analyse your Twitter followers: See who has unfollowed you, how many inactive followers do you currently have and the impact each Tweet has on your account.

GIFs: Bring your emails, blogs and social media posts to life, in a comical way, to boost engagement.

Analytics, Insights and Research resources

As recommended by our Analytics, Insights & Research Manager, Katherine Nicholls.

Benchmark your site’s digital and social media activity against your key competitors in the Education sector with this Net Natives resource.

  • EduRank – for the education sector.

Ensure your institution has a better understanding of Clearing from a student’s point of view; yet another handy Net Natives resource.

Social Media intelligence: Gain invaluable insights through advanced social media observation.

Consumer intelligence: Visualise possible search queries, to gain inspiration from what consumers are searching for online.

SEO: Evaluate the quality of links coming to and from your website, analyse the domain your site is sitting on and measure the length of your page title and meta description. This information will help you identify what needs to be done to improve your search visibility.

Speak to our SEO expert if you would like any further information.

Technology and software

As recommended by our Director of Technology, Luke Kirkpatrick.

Akero (the CRM from Net Natives): If you are a charity, then you can use the world’s most powerful CRM for free and be able to track where every student enquiry comes from, with our own software. Build, manage and craft personalised customer journeys for each lead, increasing the chances of conversion every time with our CRM and marketing suite.

Storage: Store and share your files with other users, across any device.

Coding: Turn encoded JavaScript URLs into a readable format.

Oh, and don’t forget Google…

Google have a variety of tools to help you shape parts of your marketing strategy.

Our Google Analytics expert, Lucian Glenny, is on hand to ensure you’re making the most from the platform.

Remember, you can speak to Net Natives about how our team of Digital Consultants can enhance your marketing output.