Rochdale Council’s Fostering Service select Net Natives to work on an ambitious, multi-service programme

Rochdale Council’s Fostering Service select Net Natives to work on an ambitious, multi-service programme

shutterstock_324288134We’ve got some rather exciting news to share! Net Natives have been appointed the lead full-service agency for Rochdale Borough Council’s Fostering Service. The Council decided to invest in local advertising independently from their You Can Foster Consortium, which runs regional recruitment campaigns on behalf of 23 Local Authorities in the North West, and put this unique opportunity out to competitive tender.

Jo Morris, Children’s Fostering Manager for Rochdale Council explained: “Rochdale needed to recruit local foster carers to meet our children in care needs. We wanted to keep siblings together, have carers for older children/young people and children with more complex needs (including additional needs and challenging behaviour). As a Local Authority, we are competing with for-profit businesses for the same unique group of people who would like to foster, and we believed to do this effectively and efficiently we would need to engage a service who had proven experience in delivering results in this very specific area of recruitment.”

Rochdale Council wanted to find a creative digital agency that could provide a fully integrated marketing service including; designing new branding, auditing and improving their website, running digital campaigns, tracking leads through the conversion funnel and measuring ROI, as well as supporting with offline marketing activity.

Jo continued: “There was a surprising quality in the competing tenders for the contract with Rochdale. We chose Net Natives because they provided a comprehensive and informed proposal that would build on local need and set out a clear path for building a brand that would involve our stakeholders and foster carers. Their offer included open communication on the process as the brand develops and draws on their nationwide successes with fostering. As well as building on an extremely strong digital offering, we were impressed with their willingness to address our needs in every area and honesty about where they felt they may need support. Net Natives already have extensive experience in this area of marketing and were able to bring this to bear as well as showing a desire to embrace local views and needs.”

Additionally, Rochdale Council needed help overcoming the challenge of connecting with local faith and volunteer groups, from whom they had faced resistance in the past. Net Natives will assist by providing community outreach and setting up face to face meetings between these community groups and the Council’s Children’s Services team.

Head of Community at Net Natives, Nick Willmer, comments: “We’re delighted to have been selected to work with Rochdale on this ambitious, multi-service programme. Given our extensive experience working with local authority fostering services in the North West, we feel that we will be able to effectively bring our digital first and data-led approach to this relationship. We are looking forward to combining our expertise in Analytics, Creative and Cross-Platform Advertising to help Rochdale generate high-quality enquiries for potential foster carers where they have the highest areas of demand.”