Roadtrip! The Natives are coming to Europe, and we’ve plenty to shout about!

Roadtrip! The Natives are coming to Europe, and we’ve plenty to shout about!


Ok, so maybe the word ‘roadtrip’ is a little too rustic, we’re not going to be trekking around Europe in an old camper van, but Net Natives will indeed be on the continent at the end of the month.

Our Head of Higher Education, Murray Simpson and our Senior Client Partner, Natasha Hutchinson, are jetting off to catch up with some of their new and long-term clients. They’re planning on sharing their expertise on how universities can best reach quality students.

So, what will the Natives actually be shouting about then?

Murray and Natasha will be outlining fresh, exciting and innovative ways to enhance an institution’s marketing strategy. The services which Net Natives offer, are ideal for making sure you are:

  • Maximising data to help shape your marketing activity.
  • Providing your international agents with dynamic support in order for them to generate as many enquiries as possible.
  • Promoting your University using state of the art digital and creative technology to effectively reach quality students online.

As a teaser, we’ve outlined a few key points below, which highlights  some of the information Murray and Natasha will be mentioning  during their trip. Get in touch today if you’d like to meet up with the pair, while they’re over in Europe, to discuss your own digital marketing performance.

Use Google Analytics

This integral platform is perfect for seeing how people are interacting with your website. Google Analytics provides invaluable data on elements such as website traffic, user demographics and conversion paths. By using this tool, your University will be able to identify which content is performing well on your site and driving conversion, compared to areas of your website which need improvement. Our resident Google Analytics expert, Lucian Glenny, will  talk you through the platform and provide the best practice tips in making the most from this important data available.

Be Creative

If your creative output isn’t standing out and failing to catch the attention of prospective students, then you’re doing something wrong. Have you considered promoting your institution by using a Facebook Canvas? This dynamic format gives brands the opportunity to use ‘call to action’ buttons, images and videos, in a full-screen blank canvas, providing an excellent interactive experience. By the way, Net Natives were the first agency to launch a Facebook Canvas for the Education sector!

A virtual reality video (also known as a 360 video) is an exciting new format which is perfect for showcasing your Institution’s facilities. We’ve also found that the virtual reality video format lends itself well to University Open Days; this is ideal if prospective international students are unable to make it over to Europe to attend in person.

Help your agents with a digital prospectus

Net Natives understand the importance university agents play when driving international student recruitment. A digital prospectus is a revolutionary alternative to a standard paper brochure. Students click on parts of the prospectus to  engage with the content which is most relevant to them. This format also means that universities can save money on shipping out boxes of prospectuses to their agents, who are scattered across the globe.  Why not plan a digital prospectus which your agents can showcase via a tablet or laptop when recruiting? Net Natives created a bespoke digital prospectus for a College who were looking to increase their international student intake.

If you would like to arrange a meeting in Europe with our Natives then please get in touch via the button below.