What did the Natives give you in 2016? Our top 20 resources from the year

What did the Natives give you in 2016? Our top 20 resources from the year

As 2016 draws to a close, we’ve been looking back over the past 12 months at the best pieces of content we created to support our clients in the education sector.

As Dave Musson mentioned in his social media review of the year, it hasn’t all been doom and gloom (aside from Bowie, Prince and politics) and as leading digital professionals, we made sure to showcase some pretty great stuff throughout 2016. Oh yes, the Natives delivered valuable resources, exclusive industry insights and news, as well as events and thought-provoking opinion pieces from our team of digital experts.

Ok, we’ll stop with all the bragging and let our content speak for itself – here are our top 20 pieces of content from 2016 (based on unique page views from Google Analytics). Merry Christmas y’all!

20) Net Natives recognised as a Google Premier PartnerGoogle-premier-partner

We became Google Premier Partners in August this year. This prestigious status recognises the success of our campaigns and the ongoing work we do with our clients.


19) Facebook’s Q1 Market Snapshot: download the full report

As a Key Marketing Partner of Facebook, Net Natives get unique access to valuable information that others cannot see. This included a report which showed spend trends and user consumption figures from the social media giant.

18) The creative minds behind the University of Salford’s Tinder campaigns to drive student recruitment

Net Natives are the digital marketing partner with the University of Salford. Find out how the Institution drove student recruitment using the dating app, Tinder.

17) Free resources to make you an education marketing maestro

As we’re a friendly bunch, we decided to outline the best free online resources to make you a marketing maestro. All resources were recommended by the various Net Natives teams.

16) Why FE colleges are offering so much more to the education industry than just the bleedin’ obvious

Flexibility, social mechanics and, of course, HE in FE courses. There is certainly so much more to the Further Education industry than meets the eye.

15) 3 steps to attracting students from Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia

Looking to develop your international recruitment strategy? One of Client Partners spoke at NARIC’s Emerging Markets seminar in February and outlined industry tips and insights into successfully engaging with students from Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia.


14) Whitepaper: What do the developments announced 
at Facebook’s F8 mean for you?

Our CEO, Steve Evans, and other Net Natives’ Directors discussed the F8 conference in a webinar, addressing how these new developments can benefit education and local authority marketing campaigns. Download the whitepaper and bring yourself up to speed.

13) How to stand out from the crowd during the Summer Enrolment process

Download our whitepaper, on how best to recruit students for your College during the competitive Summer Enrolment period.

12) Net Natives and Google in discussion; trends, challenges and interesting insights from Clearing 2016

Clearing is always a manic day for the Natives. We were joined in the office by our two Technical Account Managers from Google, who spent the day with us, advising us on tactics for our search campaigns. Our CEO, Steve, spoke to Oli, from Google, Mark, our Digital Advertising lead and Kas our AIR Manager, to discuss what went down on the day.  


11) Seven things you didn’t know you could do with Google Analytics

Our resident Google Analytics expert, Lucian Glenny hosted a webinar that explored seven of the lesser-known functions of Google Analytics. Catch up by downloading the whitepaper. 

Get in touch with Lucian today to discuss your own website’s analytics.

10) 7 SEO best practice tips which are crucial to online success

Our Head of SEO, Aires Loutsaris, outlined the best SEO practice tips. You can listen to the recording of the webinar, or download a copy of the whitepaper. 

Get in touch with our SEO expert today to discuss your website’s SEO strategy.

9) Our secrets to running successful Open Day campaigns

Looking to increase Open Day attendance for your University? Download our whitepaper to hear the top tips for Open Day success, from our Head of Higher Education, Murray Simpson.

8) Virtual Reality Is The Future

Our Head of Creative, Charlie Penrose outlines why Virtual Reality videos are the future. But how can you use this in your marketing activity?

7) 10 ways you could spend your remaining marketing budget

Net Natives know what makes the education sector tick and we know student recruitment. We made sure our clients spent the last of their marketing budget wisely this year. We always aim to provide appropriate and effective recommendations before the financial year ends.  

Want to discuss your current budget? Speak to an expert at Net Natives today.   

brexit-1491370_960_720 2

6) “You’re still welcome”: The Higher Education sector responds to Brexit

Like a lot of industries, social and political news (like the EU Referendum), can have a big impact on the Education sector. Our Senior Client Partner for Europe responded to the result and outlined how the Higher Education sector should react to Brexit.


5) Learn how to convert students with innovative digital marketing campaigns

Three of our Natives joined forces to outline their best practice tips for converting students using innovative digital marketing tactics. Download the whitepaper.

4) Download our exclusive Google Clearing 2016 Insights Report

As a badged Google Partner, we have access to analytics and insights which allow us to make our clients’ campaigns perform throughout the year. Download the report and learn more on search and devise patterns from Clearing students.

3) Pokémon Go: The AR Revolution and how it can work with the Education Sector

Pokémon Go took the world by storm this year. But, how can the AR revolution work for the education sector? Our Digital Consultants revealed all.

2) We’re all at it – why there’s no need to make campus porn your dirty little secret

Has anyone ever heard of Campus Porn? Dave Musson outlined why there is no need to make this your dirty little secret. This concept is a great way to show pride in your institution.

And, the winner is…

The world's first Canvas for Education

1) Announcing the world’s first Facebook Canvas for the education sector

Net Natives were the first agency to create and launch a Facebook Canvas for the education sector. We caught up with Lewisham Southwark College’s Head of Marketing, Sonia Furley, to find out why the education sector needs to embrace innovation to boost student recruitment.

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