The five most popular webinars for student marketers from 2017

The five most popular webinars for student marketers from 2017

marcos-luiz-photograph-292744Following on from our roundup of student marketers’ favourite resources from 2017, we now bring you our most listened to webinars from the past year. Read on to access on-demand recordings of our popular webinars, providing you with the tools and resources for a successful 2018.

Secrets to a successful university open day

Before you start planning your Open Days for next year, check out some of our secrets for creating a successful open day campaign here. In this webinar, Net Natives’ Director of Education, Murray Simpson, Senior Advertising Strategist, Rosie Neill and Akero’s Client Services Manager, Alex Calder revealed their secrets and discussed the latest innovations for creating a winning Open Day campaign.

Listen to the webinar recording to view statistics around the ways students engage with open days, get inspiration from innovations outside of the education sector and learn how technology can be used to engage and nurture students throughout the open day season and beyond.


Are you ready for GDPR?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on the 25th May 2018, and its implications for marketers are significant and far-reaching. But, with the new year just around the corner, are you ready for GDPR?

In this webinar, we outlined a three-step approach for marketers to adopt whilst discussing the results from our sector-specific GDPR confidence survey. Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions and contribute to how the GDPR will impact marketing teams within the education sector.


Are you making the most of Google Analytics?

One of the biggest challenges for education marketers is not being able to track and measure the effectiveness of their institution’s web activity. To ensure you’re making the most of Google Analytics to improve your student recruitment strategy listen to the recording of our webinar.

In the webinar, which you can listen to here, Net Natives’ resident analytics expert, Lucian outlines how Google Analytics can be used to reveal information about the response from prospective students to your campaigns. Lucian walks through the most important aspects of using GA to measure and report on the marketing success of your website.


Do you know who your social influencers are?

And how you can use your existing data to identify your institution’s influencers?

Although influencer marketing is still relatively new, there is massive potential for universities to utilise this method and make a significant impact in 2018.

In our social influencer webinar, we run through the benefits of including influencers in your marketing and content plans, how you can use your own data to identify them and how to build genuine relationships that lead to measurable outcomes.


Supercharge your Clearing campaigns

In this webinar, Net Natives’ Clearing experts discussed data-led insights from the National Clearing Survey, as well as new ad developments from platform giants such as Google, Amazon and Snapchat.  

In particular, the webinar looked at how the NCS could be used to help shape Clearing strategies and how you can use that all-important data to convert and expand your audience.  Download the recording to hear our thoughts and predictions on the platforms and campaigns leading the way for innovative Clearing campaigns to help you execute, deliver and measure a successful campaign in 2018.



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