What can creative marketers look forward to in 2018?

What can creative marketers look forward to in 2018?

Last week we caught up with Net Natives’ Lead Social Media Strategist, Dave Musson, who revealed his thoughts and predictions for 2018. But we couldn’t end the year without also catching up with our very own Creative Director, Charlie Penrose. Read on to hear Charlie’s thoughts on what the new year will hold for creative marketers…

Earlier this year, at our Annual Summit for Digital Innovation in Education, Charlie took to the stage to talk about the power of perception and how it can make a big difference to how you approach your marketing. Charlie drove home the importance of not only being different but also unexpected. Don’t make it about what your audience wants – it’s about what they want to want.

But what about 2018?

This week we caught up with Charlie to find out what he’s looking forward to in the new year and what he thinks 2018 will offer for creative marketers…

“I think 2018 is going to be an incredible year. I mean it. These are turbulent times, and it is in the face of great challenges that creativity flourishes. I’m really excited about two things for next year.”

Great advertising

“First, I’m excited about doing great advertising. Simple as that. Strategic. Thoughtful. Thought-provoking. Intelligent. Considerate. Creative. New platforms are coming into their own whilst the old-guard are evolving or fading away. Agencies and clients are having to adapt fast to new ways of getting their messages out there in an evermore cluttered marketplace. Bring it on I say!”

And Augmented Reality

“And the second might seem a little superficial in comparison… but exciting nonetheless. AR. We’ve had some fun in the last couple of years developing VR and 360 video experiences with clients, but the challenge has always been actually getting the content to the audience. But AR changes all of that. Because it’s in your phone, it’s in your apps, it’s native, and it’s amazing! I saw this the other day, and I just thought YES – this is going to be huge.”

“And we’ve already started to develop some exciting AR projects… so watch this space! And if you’re as excited about it as I am, and you’d like to talk about how it could work for your university then get in touch. I’ve got plenty of ideas.”

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