How to smash your College Open Days – our top tips

How to smash your College Open Days – our top tips

FE marketers need to be making the most of Open Days to prove that their College is the place to be. The more prospective students you win over during your Open Days – the more enrolments you’re likely to generate at the start of the next academic year.

Despite fierce competition and potentially, a difficult to reach and disengaged target audience, there are plenty of marketing strategies your teams can implement to make sure prospective students attend your Open Days. Here are our top tips to help your FE College boss it during the Open Day season.

So, what’s the plan?

Get students to your Open Day with lead generation adverts

There’s no point in pushing the boundaries with something memorable during your Open Days if nobody shows up. Lead Generation adverts on Facebook and Instagram are great for promoting your Open Day and getting prospective students to register. Tools like Akero are excellent for putting together workflows, with targeted messaging, to ensure that leads are given additional messaging after they have clicked through from the landing page. Make sure you send all registrations a reminder of the Open Day dates – you’d hate for people to start double booking themselves.

During this early stage, we would suggest delivering adverts across all social media platforms. The National Clearing Survey highlighted that students are heavily active on platforms such as Snapchat and YouTube. It’s fair to say that FE audiences are early adopters – which, makes it even more important to be on all platforms.

Keep them keen, with Facebook Messenger

Make sure you are using social media platforms to engage with student enquiries. Facebook Messenger is an excellent way to engage with warm registrations, ensuring that your team is on hand to answer any queries or questions ahead of the Open Day. Remember, young people, are already really active on Facebook Messenger, using the service to talk to friends.

And on the day…28346073830_b3791bbaa1_b 2


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms with your target market (AKA Generation Z), so it makes perfect sense to utilise this platform during your Open Days. Design and create Snapchat Geofilters (for free), which students can engage with on the day. Not only will they enjoy using the filter but your College will also be able to collect the content to use in future Open Day promotions. Our teams can work with you to make sure that your creative is optimised for a mobile device.

Do something memorable

In an ideal world, you want to create something memorable at your Open Day that students and their parents remember. Don’t be afraid to look outside the sector, if you’re really keen to stretch the creative boundaries. We like this example of how Disney built up anticipation around the opening of a new store. Perhaps you could look to do something similar when prospective students arrive at your College?

Get competitive on Instagram

Capitalise on this creative platform. Perhaps you can place clues around your College, encouraging students (via Instagram stories) to get involved in a virtual treasure hunt? This is an excellent opportunity to show off the facilities your College has to offer. It might encourage those involved to share the whole experiences on their own social media network too.

Wait, what about no-shows?

Facebook Live

Unfortunately, there’s always going to be people who can’t make it to your College Open Day. Or, perhaps they live too far away to attend. Why not use Facebook Live, to allow prospective students to feel part of the Open Day even if they’re not there? Students can use the comment box to ask questions, and maybe even speak to current students about College life.

Don’t miss out in getting your Open Day campaigns booked in for March. If you’d like to hear more about how our teams can help you use innovative and creative advertising solutions to boost your Open Day attendance then get in touch.

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