Because an organic (social media) lifestyle, is a great lifestyle

Because an organic (social media) lifestyle, is a great lifestyle

Organic posting is still an essential communication channel of most college and universities. After all, it’s an excellent opportunity for institutions to engage with prospective, current and former students online, as well as being able to bend those brand guidelines slightly to deliver something a bit more personal, with a relaxed tone of voice.

After Facebook’s algorithm update at the beginning of 2018 – the organic reach of brands and pages would drop dramatically. User accounts would be favoured more. Oh yes, the competition is on, and the quality of your organic social media content needs to be cranked up a notch, in order to compete.

However, while you wait we thought we’d steer you in the right direction on what you, and your marketing teams, can do in the meantime.

So, what should you be doing in the wonderful world of organic social media?

Do your algorithm homework

Complex algorithms are used across all of the leading social media platforms to sort out which posts are most relevant to each user; in the hope, they will find the content engaging. Algorithm updates can happen multiple times a year, and it’s important to keep up to date with these trends to ensure the type of material you’re publishing is going to be seen. Facebook has revealed, in their recent update, that they will not favour content which asks users to tag their friends in. So, for the time being, maybe avoid that type of content on Facebook?

Use valuable data

Analyse what is working to make sure you’re maximising your social media efforts in the most efficient way possible. For example, if your social media team can only commit to a couple of hours a week, then you want to make sure that those two hours count. Identify when the best time to post is, and deliverer the types of content which are going to give you best level of engagement. Where is the white space? You’ll want to identify these gaps, so that your content will cut through and perhaps reach more people, than if you posted it at a different time of day. Keep up to date with what is working for your competitors too. Are they doing anything well, which you could replicate at your institution?

Shareable content

You want your content to be standing out from the crowd, and engaged with by as many users as possible. Look to create dynamic and exciting content, which users are going to want to share to their following; the perfect opportunity to increase the reach of your brand. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when coming up with new ideas; the post below shows how Hartpury College has used a trending topic to help tackle a sensitive issue. It’s also an excellent opportunity for the College to align themselves as an institution who is empathetic to mental health issues – which could be helpful and inspiring, to prospective students and their parents.