Combat form abandonment with Lead Partials and Form Bottlenecks

Combat form abandonment with Lead Partials and Form Bottlenecks


We’re incredibly excited to introduce Natives Performance Platform’s new premium features; Form Bottlenecks and Lead Partials.

With the addition of these features, premium users can now track and report on which form fields are the cause of form abandonment and lost conversions.

The new Lead Partials feature tracks the ongoing completion of a form as potential leads fill out some fields but don’t go on to submit and complete the form. Over time, this builds a picture of what fields are causing the highest form abandonment rates. Partial Lead data is visualised in the style of a heatmap which also outputs completion rates for each field.

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In addition to Lead Partials, Natives Performance Platform’s new Form Bottlenecks feature highlights fields that need reviewing because they’re causing a ‘bottleneck’ to form in the conversion journey. Not only does this feature pinpoint the bottlenecks causing the biggest conversion problems, but it also provides hints and tips on how to improve and reduce these bottlenecks.

Head over to the Natives Global Consulting blog to hear why it’s so important to look at form-level statistics when reviewing your conversion strategy.

If you’d like to find out more about these new premium features, or any other features of Natives Performance Platform, book a demo.