Four reasons why you need our Clearing 2018 whitepaper in your life

Four reasons why you need our Clearing 2018 whitepaper in your life

After the success (and overwhelming interest) from our Clearing webinar a few weeks ago, we decided to compile the content and put together a comprehensive whitepaper around Clearing and A-level Results Day itself.

Now, what even is a Net Natives whitepaper without a cheeky little tease? If you can’t wait and want to get your hands on the whitepaper already, then click here to download it now.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons why you seriously need this whitepaper in your life.

You’ll get valuable insight into the current Clearing landscape

The Clearing landscape has changed over the years. Through experience, research and meaningful data we’ve learnt that we shouldn’t see Clearing as just a single day. We also need to remember that Clearing is not just for students who haven’t achieved their predicted grades. The various personas of Clearing students can be found in the National Clearing Survey.

You’ll get best practice tips for ranking on Google… so students actually find your landing page

If your page hasn’t been indexed by Google, then the chances of prospective students coming across your content organically are near impossible. You need to make sure your pages are optimised correctly for both humans and for search engines. Identify what students are searching for in the runup to Clearing and on the day itself. Keyword research is going to give you an idea of the language you and your teams should be using in your website copy. 

You’ll learn which type of advertising is working

In a competitive market, your advertising needs to be shining through and standing out from the crowd. The whitepaper will lift the lid on how best to deliver agile and effective advertising to reach out to all types of students. From programmatic adverts, to elaborate Out of Home campaigns there is a wealth of options out there to inspire prospective students to enrol at your institution.


You’ll learn how to best convert students at multiple points in their Clearing journey

We use the Awareness, Consideration, Intent and Decision funnel. Each Clearing student will enter the four stages of the funnel at different times. Every Clearing student is different, and has different motivations and might be at a different stage in their application journey. This highlights the importance of an integrated Clearing advertising strategy which incorporates every step of the funnel.


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