The countdown to the new financial year is officially on - there's just six weeks until you get your hands on a shiny new pot of budget.

But don't let your remaining budget go to waste! Give your marketing strategy a last-minute boost with our affordable creative products, advertising solutions or analytics, insights and research services. However much you've got left, here are our top suggestions for what you could spend your final few pennies on. Get in touch with us today if you'd like to discuss this further!

Social Media Audit

Improve your social media strategy with a full audit of your previous year's activity to give you an insight into your best performing content, the time of day your audience are more receptive, and how this compares with two of your chosen competitors. Gage if your current digital strategy is performing as well as it could be and use the insight from this report, paired with our free-to-use social benchmarking tool, GovRank, to inform your social media strategy.

Usability Audit

Identify quick wins for improving your digital user journey and inform your longer term strategy by tracking and measuring how residents engage with you online.

Using award winning technology, we record user interactions across key information pages over 4-6 weeks, capture feedback from surveys and compile an easy-to-read report outlining quick wins for improving the layout of your content and long term recommendations to your digital offer.

Google Analytics Training

Give your team the knowledge to make the most of your data.

Delivered on-site, our Google Analytics expert will audit your current setup and deliver a training session tailored to your organisation's core objectives, ensuring the session is relevant and designed with your team's technical capabilities in mind.

Brand Perception Analysis

Find out what your community really thinks about your Local Authority.

This report looks into online conversations about your council to understand overall sentiments, which topics are being spoken about and on which platforms. Use this insight to ensure your communications strategy taps into the information that matters most to your audience.

Campaign Landing Page

Improve the user journey for your residents and increase your digital enquiry capture process.

Our creative team design and build beautiful, mobile friendly landing pages that can be embedded within your website or sit as a microsite, making it easier for your residents to enquire about your services and enabling you to qualify and easily track the source of your enquiries.

Searchable HTML5 ads

HTML5 provides advertisers with the ability to deliver media-rich, interactive display ads across all devices. These searchable ads will allow your audience to type their query directly into the advert, and be taken directly to the relevant page of your website.

Gmail ads

Capture your audience's attention with an eye-catching display ad within their Gmail inbox. Gmail advertising provides highly granular targeting, allowing you to target people based on keywords in their emails and other types of emails they receive.

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Article by


Rosie Crompton

Events and Marketing Executive