This instalment of What is Good is more of a ‘what is interesting’. And that’s this Instagram Story carousel advert from Focus Bikes. They’re inviting cyclists to join them in creating an adventure movie of the ups and downs of outdoor life. It’s imaginative and playful creative – perfect for what it’s setting out to do.

It stopped my rapid-fire story-hopping in its tracks this week. It wasn’t its design or offering that got me though. It was that they were unafraid to paint the blank canvas of an Instagram Story frame with something outside of the usual image and text, image, text, yawn. 


The deliciously old school magazine-style quiz.

magazine quiz

It’s copy-led, which is a strong choice (I know, biased) for a traditionally visual platform. It really takes us on a journey, which is a fitting way to hook an adventurous audience like theirs.

The questions posed, and arrows taking us to the answers, are an irresistible tactic to get the audience engaged with the creative. It gamifies the ad simply, while also qualifying the audience, so each frame works hard for the brand. 

Unfortunately, as the audience will only see the first three frames of a carousel story without seeking the rest out, the rest of the journey gets lost. Had the team at Focus Bikes played with animation, they could have got more of their story in there.

But the main takeaway?

Simple ad types don’t have to be the same old, same old. We can use learning in our student marketing – we have a blank canvas to play with and we’re only limited by our bravery.

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Freya Hughes

Freya Hughes

(she/her) Senior Copywriter