"Publishers, agencies and clients working remotely is the new normal, ways of working are rapidly adapting. Communication and automation are essential in this new environment."

- Michele Masters, Head of Planning and Buying

A year in development, Akero’s latest feature; the Asset Management Platform couldn’t come at a better time. A revolutionary feature that brings teams and collaborative client, agency and media partnerships together to make advertising better and more transparent. 

Seamless management of publisher and media advertising assets, all in one place for the client, the publisher and the agency. Leave behind the need for shared drives, Google docs and attachments too large to email. 

User-friendly dashboards for a visual and easy itinerary showing clearly which assets are required for each platform, automatically resizing and previewing uploaded images to match the platform spec.

Direct communication through the platform, with a built-in ‘chat’ function to allow any one of your colleagues to pick up the project and see all the correspondence in one place. 

Seamless review processes; receive expert feedback to ensure your copy and creative performs at its best. While you review the copywriting and creative and approve amends in the platform. Hello single point sign off.

"This tool couldn’t come at a better time and with Akero’s AI advertising platform shortlisted for the Drum’s prestigious Technical Innovation in Search advertising award, we feel so proud to be pushing the boundaries of what is needed in advertising right now."

- Steve Evans, CEO, Akero

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