Whether it’s push notifications of ‘breaking news’, Facebook statuses or the radio in the background, sometimes, during these anxious times, it can be hard to stay positive and optimistic. Which is why we’re here to share the good news stories and the tales that make our hearts a little warmer. Because trust us, there’s a whole lot of good out there, you just need to know where to look. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, students and education institutions across the globe have stepped up to the plate with innovative, proactive and powerful actions to offer help and reassurance to their communities and the wider world. 

For example, there’s 21-year-old Eastern Kentucky student Ashley Lawrence who decided to make her own face masks with small transparent windows to allow deaf people to understand what’s being said via lip-reading. She DIY’ed hundreds. Or there’s the undergraduate medics from UCL’s Medical School, who are spending their spare time helping critical NHS staff with their childcare duties and household chores.

And it’s not only students going above and beyond during this global crisis, it’s the institutions too. 

From the heartfelt social media messages:

To the technology and research that is going a long way to saving lives and helping us all see a light at the end of this tunnel. Our friends in the sector are uniquely placed to not only share and spread goodness but also cultivate and spearhead innovation.

Queen’s University Belfast - Leading cell therapy clinical trial to help improve outcomes in COVID-19 patients

University College of London - Developed a breathing aid that was designed and built in less than a week 

King’s College London - Launched symptom tracker which more than 1.5 million people in the UK have downloaded 

Universities are in a perfect position to share positivity, reassurance and promote their hugely important role in fighting the pandemic. Consider how your institution can carry this civic responsibility message, with whatever your story may be. "Here's what we're doing to help our community and society" is a stronger and much more appropriate message right now than "Apply for clearing". And if you want to bring some positivity without overusing the words COVID-19, why not bring to light some of the glass-half-full results of isolation? 

These are difficult times, but focus on what you can achieve, what positive actions you can share because the good news stories are out there. For more inspiration on what good looks like in these uncertain times, subscribe to our Think Student newsletter. 

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