At the end of last year, we celebrated the campaigns that made an impact - not just for our clients, but for our sectors and society as a whole. This year we’re looking to continue our work that makes a real impact on the student community in general. Now, although we’ve got the wheels in motion for another cracking year at Natives HQ, we thought we’d give you a little dash of inspiration too. We’ve put together a quick roundup of our favourite campaigns, that made a big impact in 2018.

#MyPlasticPledge - The University of Hull

The University of Hull activated and reignited its brand with a campaign that pushed the boundaries to create something groundbreaking - reflective of its ambitions as an institution.

The University launched an institution-wide initiative focused on reviewing plastic consumption and waste, looking at ways to reduce and eliminate plastic on campus. As a powerful vehicle to declare their values and purpose, we helped Hull to develop and execute a comprehensive content marketing strategy, amplified by our dynamic advertising.

Plan ARU Campaign

Plan ARU – Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University generated over 4,500 enquiries from students in the run-up to Clearing. This was achieved through the Plan ARU campaign - which was created to reassure students that changing their plans and going through Clearing, regardless of why was totally ok.

The paid campaign was responsible for roughly ¾ of all pre-applications and went across all channels. Through tracking the University were able to see the value of every single tactic within the campaign, not just those that delivered the final result. This has allowed them to think more strategically when devising large Clearing campaigns, which always need to cut through and make an impact on the student community.

Prove them wrong from Universities UK

Changing Higher Education Perceptions – Universities UK

UK Universities’ ‘They Said’ campaign was created to squash any negativity in the British media surrounding the value of Higher Education. It was important to tackle this student recruitment obstacle head-on so that they could present the benefits of attending university. This was done by telling a compelling story and bringing individual stories to life. The campaign not only allowed the organisation to infiltrate the bigger picture – by addressing the negative ‘they’ persona, it was also an excellent opportunity for students to stand up and own their achievements.

Universities across the UK were invited to share their graduate success stories, finding students who represented a variety of courses and had their own ‘they said’ message.

With a mobile-first mentality in mind, all the creative assets were filmed vertically to inspire user-generated content. The creative assets were designed to echo the style of an Instagram story, amplifying the reach further through organic content sharing.

Plumpton College photo shoot

Tackling Stereotypes – Plumpton College

The College tackled preconceptions about vocational and agricultural training with a unique creative approach. The photography shoot accurately portrays the creative courses they offer and shows off the possible career opportunities each course could lead to – most importantly, the College has ensured that all creative appeals to a diverse audience.

Prospective students would feel inspired and excited to start their future – perhaps in a field, they didn’t think they could.

Reducing food waste

Reducing food waste through sharable content marketing – Hampshire County Council

This council reduced the amount of food waste in the local area by inspiring people to make the most from their leftover food. The council took inspiration from the popular ‘tastemade style’ tutorials to create three recipe videos, which would encourage people to not throw food away, and create a meal instead. Upon research, the Council learnt that the two audience types, who would be most engaged with this, were empty nesters and young couples  – so essentially those who are perhaps spending more time at home to spend cooking.

The videos were engaging, and the audience could visit bespoke landing pages for more information on how to reduce food waste. This was an excellent opportunity for the council to promote an important initiative, but also to boost their own social media presence and provide something for people in the local area – which would prompt them to take their food recycling more seriously.

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