If you haven’t heard of Clubhouse yet, it might be because you haven’t been invited. It’s an exclusive audio-based social platform that is part private Houseparty, part elite Zoom call, which you can only access if you’re invited in by another member.

Despite its restrictions, Clubhouse has grown hugely popular over the past few months, and now has over 2 million users. With major potential for further growth and advertising opportunities, it’s on our radar, and it really should be on yours, too. 

First things first - what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is like an interactive, real-time podcast which anyone can join, as long as you’ve got the app and an invite in. You can follow people, clubs and topics, join rooms to listen to people speaking on a range of topics and even take the mic yourself.

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Its audio-only USP makes it a great space for your students to listen in, allowing them to discuss topics they care about most; nightlife, societies, institutions, courses and classes. And its exclusive feel can help inspire serious FOMO. But how can student marketers make the most of this new platform? We’ve got the tips you need to get started. ​

How to get started on Clubhouse

Although the platform doesn’t currently have any formal advertising capabilities (reminiscent of the humble beginnings of SnapChat and TikTok), brands are starting to sponsor rooms. If Clubhouse’s predecessors tell us anything, the audio app will soon look to formalise its advertising offerings, with room promotions and branding options. For now though, we’ll just keep watching this space. 

1. Get on the platform

Getting onto Clubhouse isn’t as easy or accessible as simply downloading the app - you’ve got to be invited. That means waiting until someone you know is on the app. Unfortunately, each member only gets one invite, so you could be waiting some time. Why not post on socials using the hashtag #clubhouse or #clubhouseinvite to see if you’ve got a connection who’s already a member? If that doesn’t work, there’s a hack - Clubhouse ++. The app will allow you to generate an email invite for the app, meaning no waiting around for your friends to let you in. 

2. Target student forums

Of course, to target your student audience, you need to get in front of them, and that means being on whatever new platforms they’re on. Clubhouse rooms could be a great way for students to find out what an institution is like, and all things university-life, by talking to real-life students and other students in their position. Once advertising is possible, you’ll be able to position your marketing right where your students are, tailoring your content to the rooms. 

3. Address issues of mental health and confidence

The recent National Clearing Survey revealed that, for 30% of students, mental wellbeing and confidence are barriers to applying for university. The audio-only nature of Clubhouse is the perfect opportunity for shy students to participate in discussions around university life, especially during Open Days. With your institution on the app, you can access this untapped, elusive student persona and nurture them into feeling confident to apply, giving you a competitive edge over other universities. ​

4. Host audio-only events

Not only will this save your institution time and money, but it will also enable you to invite students to speak freely on topics; online learning, mental wellbeing, diversity… (the list is endless). Invite guest speakers such as your influential alumni, current students and lecturers to host the event to create seamless, real conversations with your prospective students. Remember, parents can also tune in so make sure you plan for rooms with a combination of parents and students to really personalise the experience. 

If you’re wondering how you can plan for the imminent rise of Clubhouse among your student audience, then keep your finger on the pulse by getting in contact with our team today - we will advise you on the best strategic plan for making it work for your institution. ​

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Lois King

Digital Marketing Assistant