The competitiveness we've seen on the pitch during the World Cup, or the grass courts at Wimbledon or, dare we say it, a Love Island recoupling, does not even come close to the level of competition bubbling in the advertising space.

With more choice, more content and more channels, universities are needing to do all they can to make sure their target audienceareinteracting with their adverts. With the number of adverts increasing, it's more important than ever to reach your target audience, at the right time, on the right platform, with the right type of messaging. After all, if you're not being seen then you might as well be invisible? sorry, but the truth hurts.

We've put together a guide which outlines the best ways to stand out in a busy advertising landscape. Click here to download the full guide.

By reading this guide you will:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the current advertising climate, and how this impacts the education sector.
  • Learn how your marketing strategy and planning should look, in order to maximise the best advertising results.
  • Best practice tips and expertise on how to activate your advertising strategy.

Here's a little tease of what's in store, in the full guide.

What is the paid social media strategy?

The paid social media strategy is broken into different pillars, which stretch across two separate stages. Education marketers need to create a seamless transition journey, right from when students first find out about your institution - through to when they enrol.

Too many universities are going straight to the intent stage. This is going to impact your conversion figures: how can you expect a prospective student to inquire, if they haven't engaged with you at all before.



Are you thinking about the future of your brand?

It's crucial to invest in brand building, for increasing awareness and generating trust. This is going to help you stand out in an increasingly crowded and complex market. For example, Coca Cola's advertising has always been about building the brand up and not about direct sales. It's important for your institution to establish a tone of voice and a clear identity - this will help strengthen the brand in the education market.

Think about what some of the world's largest brands are doing to raise awareness, and take inspiration.


Click here to download the report.

Article by


Matt Payne

Senior Marketing Executive