We’re extremely pleased that the Student Hut Covid-Tracker project has been shortlisted for Best Data Collection (Online) in this year’s Oppies - the Market Research Society Operations Awards. 

The Oppies recognise the operations side of market research, and this year will also celebrate the innovation and creativity in how the sector has adapted to the Covid-19 crisis. 

Launched in March 2019, during the first week of UK lockdown, the Student Hut Covid-Tracker has provided regular updates on student feelings, opinions and attitudes, and has revealed what impact Covid-19 might have on students’ education and consumer choices.

The project was shortlisted for its rapid roll-out in response to the changing situation around Covid-19, one of the only research projects into student attitudes at this time. The insights from the project have been invaluable for universities and brands to help inform how best to engage the student audience and remain agile in their decision making during the pandemic.

We’ve seen all sorts of takes on the Covid-19 crisis and students from research outfits – but one that’s been consistently fascinating and useful has been the student opinion tracker from Student Hut. Our broad audience of decision-makers at every level and in every corner of higher education have found the insights into the way student opinion has changed over time useful from multiple perspectives, and the way in which the team at Student Hut have kept pace with the news and tested student sentiment towards it has kept the insights fresh and actionable.

- Jim Dickinson, Associate Editor, WONKHE

The winners will be announced at a virtual ceremony on 24 September, so watch this space for updates.

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Article by

Nicola Jones

Senior Marketing Manager