2020 has been an extraordinary year. With the impact of Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, the US election, and the move to online learning, we’ve all been operating in completely new territory. And it hasn’t been easy. But through uncertainty and adversity comes creativity; the chance to try innovative new approaches and tell a story through your brand. 

We caught up with Net Natives’ Creative team to ask them which campaigns they were most proud to work on this year and why. Here’s our roundup of the best of 2020, straight from the experts.


NYU Silver - Show Up With Silver 

(Postgrad recruitment campaign)

The NYU Silver creative had a big job to do – unite, inspire and engage with an audience doing super important work in New York state communities. Exploring the activist roots of the school, we used powerful and emotive language to rouse action. And, when paired with such a bold design, it really stands out. The result is creative that matches Silver’s zest for change, and speaks directly to social workers of all levels, from those just starting out to those taking leadership roles in the space.

The creative is inspired by the disruptive visual language of activism. Bold, energetic graphics paired with gritty black and white images have been created to empower the audience to act to make a difference in their lives and others. 

- Freya Hughes, Copywriter & Georgia Webb, Lead Creative

LSBU Group - When Knowledge Works People Thrive 

(Brand strategy & video)

Working in a niche space, it’s not that often we get to work on something completely different. LSBU Group is that - a family of education providers spanning all levels of learning, from school to university, working together as one, to best serve the needs of learners, communities and business in London and around the world. Led by London South Bank University and their visionary Vice Chancellor Professor David Phoenix, the Group aims to fundamentally change the way in which technical knowledge and education is accessed, applied and perceived. We were lucky enough to work with them on developing their Group brand strategy, and creating this inspiring launch video. This year has, for obvious reasons, been pretty quiet on the video production front - but London’s empty streets in the nights leading up to lockdown 2.0 presented a great opportunity to use the Group’s various campuses as our canvas - projecting huge inspiring visuals of the communities and students they impact across their walls.

- Charlie Penrose, Creative Director


Carnegie Mellon University iii - Make Next Happen Now  

(Postgrad recruitment campaign)

The CMU creative was designed to strike a chord with brilliant thinkers and innovators. It utilises the research and development phase of creation, bringing in hand-drawn elements and a rough-but-refined, sketched-out feel. We wanted to tap into the thought process of ‘thinkers’, the ideation stage, and how everything is always up for debate or a rethink. The creative offers the idea that even the brand itself is open to iteration.

With the messaging, we wanted to create a sense of urgency around the iii brand, and their integrated portfolio. To show that the iii is a place where you can go and make things that matter, that will improve the world, happen now. We wanted to excite and inspire, and connect with an audience that perhaps didn’t know they were perfect candidates for the iii, by speaking to their problem solving nature - finding ambitious, pragmatic people who ‘want to happen to the world’.

- Elliot Mann, Creative & Cem Topcam, Lead Copywriter


Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) - Go Small, Get More 

(Brand and recruitment campaign)

The brief was challenging as it was such a small uni without a great deal of pull power so we knew the creative had to be effective. We lifted the brand into a more modest and humble setting and played on strengths such as their hands-on approach to support and a focus on inclusivity and accessibility. The creative was colourful, careful and concise and used a diverse range of imagery to hone in on that modest feel. As a result, they saw a higher number of applicants year-on-year.

- George Metcalf, Copywriter & Elliot Mann, Creative

Well 2020, it’s been interesting. We look forward to seeing what the new year brings, and if you want to make it into our 2021 creative hall of fame, get in touch with us today. 

Article by


Charlie Penrose

Creative Director