What have we learned from the Student Pulse recently? As always, our dedicated panel of students have been forthcoming in sharing useful insights, highlighting areas you should be paying attention to, and helping you with your recruitment, enrolment, and retention. 

Let’s take a look. 

1 in 2 prospective students would like to receive more information about placements, internships, online learning provisions and Freshers’ week than they’re currently receiving 

Students are hungry for information. But their feeds and inboxes can quickly become clogged with intel that isn’t actually what they’re looking for. Asking students directly what they want to know more about, will help you tailor your comms to cover content that makes your audience stop in their scroll, or press the open button. Here’s what they’ve told us they want to receive more information about: 

Placements/ internships:

In an ever-competitive job market students want to feel they are equipping themselves with the right skills and experiences to make a mark. Placements and internships are one of the best ways to achieve this. What does your university offer? Are there any courses in particular that have successful internships in place?  Make sure you are communicating this on your web pages, advertisements and email campaigns.  

Check out our campaign with NYU Stern, School of Business that positioned themselves all around the working world and the benefits their courses had to the following careers. 

Online learning provisions:

Students are used to working online now, and gone are the days they will settle for a sub-par online experience. What online learning provisions do you have to help students with their learning journey? 

Want to find out more about how to position your online course so that it’s enticing and engaging for the students its’ designed for? Look no further… 

Freshers’ week:

For many students, the social scene at university is just as important as the academic one. Freshers week is a notorious part of this. What can students expect from this exciting, if slightly daunting week, at your university? Help them feel prepared. 

University websites and UCAS are key sources of information for students

Students have told us they trust these sources more than other media outlets and more than their friends and family. This shows how important it is to have a clear, navigable webpage with as much information available as possible, to help students in that all-important decision. 

Live talks and tours of the campus are the most important factors to students when making their university decisions

Students are still relying on live talks about courses and tours of the campus, to help them hone in on the ultimate decision of what university to attend. 

But interestingly, when it comes to virtual reality and the metaverse, prospective students are most open to exploring campus tours and taster lectures. So could this be the future of making tours and talks even more accessible? The next level of hybrid recruitment?

Although, the Metaverse won’t be taking over the real world anytime soon. The majority of students have heard of Meta’s plans to create a metaverse but only one in 10 students think the Metaverse is trustworthy.

We hope you found these recent insights useful in helping with your own research and planning. Remember, the Student Pulse is a free resource for all student marketers. If you would like to arm yourself with unmissable student intel, request a login here

Article by

Celia McCarthy