It's a competitive world out there! When it comes to international student recruitment, it has never been so important to stand out from the crowd and have a strong grasp of the global digital landscape.

Here are my top five tips on how you can develop your overall international strategy:

1) Understanding your audience

Digital behaviours will vary from country to country; it's vital to gain clear and valuable insight into each country's market before you start thinking about which advertising platforms to use.

For example, did you know that Brazil has high 3G coverage? So, it's important to ensure you incorporate video content into your Brazil marketing activity. In Mexico, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform - used by over 2.5 million English-speaking users. It's these insights which give you clarity when planning your international marketing strategy.

2) Choosing the right channel

Programmatic advertising is ideal for conversion. The pairing of specific data segments, with HTML5 creative adverts allows you to reach your audience during that all-important decision-making process.

Along with Facebook, Instagram is a platform that is perfect for showcasing beautiful imagery and great for data collection via targeted lead generation adverts. Snapchat is another platform to consider; there are 52 million daily active users in Europe, the majority being millennials!

Looking to promote MBA courses? LinkedIn is a great way to do so. With standard targeting metrics surrounding industry and job function, you're able to drill down with your targeting, to attract the right prospective students.

3) Promoting your assets and showing off your USPs

It's important to evaluate and understand what makes you different from your competitors. Do you have a beautiful campus? Show it off in your content. Are you located in the heart of Paris or Amsterdam? Showcase the experience of studying in iconic cities. Remember, you are not only marketing an education course to international students - but an exciting experience too.


4) Let's get creative

Use the power of emotion within your video content and advertising formats. Tell a story, and get your audience thinking.

Studies have shown that 63% of attendees remember stories, while a mere 5% remember statistics. It's so important to understand the power of human emotion and the impression emotive content can have on your potential students.

5) How are you collecting your data?

We can learn from data through analysis, use it for retargeting and even create lookalike audiences of people with similar digital behaviour patterns. We all understand the importance of data, but how are you currently collecting it? Are you tracking all of your applicants and nurturing leads effectively?

Building a landing page on your site allows you to gather all that important data. Here is what we did for IEC Abroad. This was built in our state of the art CRM system, Akero. The Institution can now use Akero to track and convert the leads coming through this bespoke landing page.

Meet me in Paris

I will be in Paris from June 19th, catching up with my current clients. If you're in the city and would like to discuss your current digital marketing strategy, then please click here get in touch. Our team of experts work closely with institutions, fine-tuning their recruitment campaigns to drive student enrolments.

Article by

Ellie MacDougall