Channel shift is now on every local authority’s agenda. The challenge is how to encourage local residents to engage with their council digitally as opposed to over the phone. The potential savings from channel shift are real and significant, however this channel shift needs to be focused on processes, customer groups and services where it will yield most benefits, and we will have to see new communication strategies developed to support digital self-service, manage demand and bring customers to the new self-service channels.

For those local authorities beginning this journey, the first step is to analyse how residents are currently engaging with their digital channels. Taking the website as the most pertinent example, we need to identify each customer user journey and determine whether or not these residents were able to access the information they wanted and engage with the council digitally or did they abandon and reach for the phone. The best way to track these user journeys and to identify the areas of this user journey that need improvement is by implanting Google Analytics correctly across the entire site.

The Brief

Bromley Council wanted to learn how to generate detailed reports on their customer user journey. They needed to determine first whether their current set up could provide the information they needed and to then up skill their ICT team in how to use Google Analytics to produce these reports.

Our Recommendation

In order to identify whether Google Analytics was set up optimally we ran a full Google Analytics Audit. By concentrating on the key areas we provided a full analysis of their website, with explanations of what aspects needed attention and how these factors relate to their core goals. This audit gave us a good understanding of the current setup and helped us tailor our training session to ensure all relevant areas were covered.

Once we had identified the areas of improvement, we conducted an in-depth briefing session to establish what key themes we would cover in the Google Analytics Training. We then ran a full day, in-house workshop with all of the web team, teaching the skills required to analyse and understand Google Analytics as well as being able to extract key information and reports to demonstrate the customer user journey of local residents.


“The audit that Net Natives performed on our Google Analytics set-up was very comprehensive. Analysing every key feature and making recommendations as to how to implement the system so that we can track every customer user journey effectively. The audit highlighted some key issues with the way our system had been set up initially. With the assistance from Net Natives, we were able to identify why we were experiencing such difficulties and were able to rectify them during the session.”


Article by


Megan Dillon

Content Marketing Executive