Net Natives can offer you a lot: as you know, we are experts in our fields, care about the outcomes which matter to you… yadda, yadda, yadda! But how do we actually go about shaping your digital marketing strategy, as well as providing you with the support you need to help your organisation achieve their objectives?

Let’s take Hertfordshire County Council as an example. One of our Community Client Partners, Emma Milne met with the council, to provide recommendations on digital best practices.

Lara Freeman, Communications and Campaigns Manager for the council had this to say after meeting with Emma: “Emma came along to our away day to talk to the team about how we could improve our digital presence and get the very most out of the campaigns we run. She ran two workshops with eight people in each, and really opened our eyes to what’s out there and what we could be doing. She also provided us with insights into analytics and evaluation so that we can make sure what we’re doing is working and adjust where necessary.”

The campaign generated lots of engagement, both on the Facebook posts and on the Akero landing page – which generated over 50 leads itself. Central Bedfordshire Council were very efficient when responding to people’s questions and comments. Ian explains: “We knew from experience that this may provoke a negative reaction from some residents, however by providing a quick response we felt that we could resolve their issues, reassure them and thank them for their recycling efforts.”

Additional information outlined included in the meeting:

  • How a digital audience reacts to different aspects of your council’s messaging
  • How social media platforms vary depending on campaign type
  • How to overcome the conflict between active and passive users
  • How Akero can let you create, publish and measure your digital campaigns

Hertfordshire County Council are now a client of Net Natives, who we’ve worked with on exciting (and successful) projects. This includes reaching over 20,000 targeted individuals in a powerful campaign to stop pregnant women from smoking, and a campaign which generated 1,350 social actions, as well as a live Q&A, to increase fostering enquiries.

Lara Freeman went on to say: “Everyone learnt a huge amount from Emma and it’s really made us analyse what we’re doing and how we could improve. I’d definitely recommend inviting Emma or one of her team to talk to your team – we’ll definitely be able to improve some of our digital communication as a result.”

Want to discuss your own digital strategy with Net Natives? Get in touch and we can arrange a similar style of meeting with you.