In response to the recent escalation in the global and local Coronavirus situation, this page has been created to help Akero clients and the education sector. 

As with all businesses, we are keeping the situation under review and will adapt our advice and guidance here if circumstances change.

Akero will continue to operate as normal

We want to reassure you that Akero will continue to operate as normal, and we will offer the same level of service, support and delivery as we always have. During this time, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to support our clients, and the education sector, through these difficult times. 

Our clients still need to meet their business objectives, and we must make sure we support them. 

We have invested in everyone in the business having their own laptops so that we are all able to work remotely, and we also supply and work off of our own proprietary software, so that we can confidently confirm there will be no drop off in service from us. As a people-first company, we have fostered a culture of Accountability (Accountability is one of our three-pillared A, B and C values, alongside Brave and Curious). Our teams are empowered to deliver and optimize campaigns even at home. 

We are fortunate that we can work remotely and, by doing so, our people can focus on delivering the same brilliant results and support without worrying about travel disruption, health concerns or government policy. 

How Akero can support you during COVID-19 pandemic - for free

COVID-19 presents a challenge for all of us on an unprecedented level, that will mean we need to all pull together. Resources will be stretched, and we want to help. 

Unlimited Akero Mail credits

We will be switching on unlimited credits for all users of Akero Mail, so that you can use the platform to send emails to your staff, students, parents and stakeholders for free. If you are an Akero Mail customer, your Client Success Manager will be in touch shortly.

Unlimited SMS credits

Any SMS credits that you add to your account will be free of charge for the next three months so that you can communicate with students, staff, parents and stakeholders by text. If you need any assistance with implementing this, please contact

Adding new users to the system 

For the next three months, you can add new users to your account with no charge. We hope this will help open up the platform for additional members of your communication, marketing and enrollment teams so that our platform can support your entire institution and support your comms. 

Access to the automation features of the platform for our Akero Advertising partners

If you are currently running an Akero Advertising campaign, then we are able to provide free access to the automation features for you to communicate with your potential students around the world.  This can be used for your recruitment purposes or to provide updates and advice. Please contact for more information.

All our events delivered online 

Over the coming months, we have been due to deliver workshops and industry talks. As events are now being canceled, we don’t want anyone to miss out, so we will be providing all of our presentations online as webinars. Sign up to our newsletter, so you don’t miss any announcements. 

Our next webinar - How Akero can help support you during COVID-19

Catch up with our first webinar in the series on-demand now. Our Head of Technology Services and Client Success Manager hosted a virtual fireside chat on new developments that will impact the sector, and how the Akero tech stack can and will support you, including a Q and A. Watch on your own time here


The situation is rapidly evolving, so if you need any help or want to know more about how Akero can support you, get in touch

Article by

Steve Evans