The Macular Society appointed Net Natives to generate enquiries and increase attendance at two training events in Blackburn and Darlington. The charity wanted to recruit for two types of volunteer roles; Telephone Befrienders and Daily Living Champion roles.

What we did to target this niche audience...

  • Due to the incredibly specialised area of interest, niche targeting was employed to ensure the adverts were seen by the relevant audience with interests around macular conditions and volunteering
  • Adverts were optimized towards an older demographic as macular conditions tend to be age-related, therefore messages around this resonate better with an older audience
  • Using our agile marketing methodology, we moved the charity’s spend across Facebook adverts in real time, in response to the best performing adverts, to generate the best quality enquiries


This resulted in

  • Cut the national average cost per enquiry by 57%
  • 21% of their training event attendees came from Net Natives’ advertising
  • Daily spend and ad optimisation meant we were continually focusing the Macular Society’s budget on the elements that were generating the right types of leads