With the majority of this county being parkland, Net Natives were tasked with raising awareness of the council’s fostering family and encouraging the sparsely populated community to come forward and find out more for themselves.

What we did

  • Engaging content and display ads on Facebook raised awareness amongst those who might not have realised they may be eligible to foster
  • Search advertising on Google returned query-specific ads to those actively searching for answers
  • Daily spend and ad optimisation meant we were continually focusing the council’s budget on the elements that were generating the right types of leads, depending on the council’s requirements


Agile marketing

We moved the Council’s spend across Facebook and Google in real time in response to the best performing adverts which generated the best quality enquiries


More engagement

The campaign saw over 604 social actions (likes, comments and shares); more than triple the national average for Google conversions


Reduced cost per enquiry

We slashed the national average for online fostering enquiries by 35%


“Our challenge has always been reaching people in such rural areas, and we are hugely impressed by the results Net Natives’ social media and search campaigns can bring.”