This blog was updated on 22 December 2020, as the importance of climate change spurs us all to consider our environmental impact.

The challenge

Central Bedfordshire Council wanted to remind households which items shouldn’t go into the recycling collection boxes, for example; glass, food waste, garden waste, nappies, electrical items, hard plastic and rubble. As well as reiterating this process to everyone in the area, the council wanted people to understand what implications arise when the wrong items are recycled. Not only is it environmentally damaging, but the council has to fund additional resource to separate the waste from the recyclable items.

The solution

The council worked with Net Natives on a six week digital campaign to run on Facebook, starting in November 2015 and ending on Christmas Day. Our team of Digital Consultants launched multiple adverts which were targeted to different demographics, with various messaging, reminding them how to recycle. Most importantly, we ensured the messaging was split depending on audience location, because recycling options differed depending on where people live in the county.

The Facebook adverts linked to an Akero landing page, which acted as an online hub of recycling information for people in the Central Bedfordshire area. The page hosted an online form, which allowed people to submit their recycling questions to the council; this was the perfect way to boost engagement between the local authority and its residents.

Ian McMurdy, Waste Services Officer, commented: “We were aware that Net Natives had undertaken campaigns for other service areas within Central Bedfordshire Council. During the campaign, we were extremely happy with their knowledge, expertise and professionalism.”

The result

The campaign generated lots of engagement, both on the Facebook posts and on the Akero landing page – which generated over 50 leads itself. Central Bedfordshire Council were very efficient when responding to people’s questions and comments. Ian explains: “We knew from experience that this may provoke a negative reaction from some residents, however by providing a quick response we felt that we could resolve their issues, reassure them and thank them for their recycling efforts.”

The future

The council is now considering commissioning a video to highlight the negative impact of cross contamination. Ian was delighted with the outcome and is optimistic about the long-term benefits from this digital campaign: “By raising awareness amongst residents we will ensure that they continue to place the correct items in the correct bin. This means that less recycling bins will be ‘contaminated’ with non recyclable waste, in turn leading to less collected loads being rejected by our re-processor, and ultimately less waste ending up in landfill.”

At Net Natives, we’re looking to get involved in more initiatives like this, and we have recently won an award for environmental excellence, in addition to supporting local families during the pandemic. In the future, we’ll be looking at how we can use dynamic landing pages to enact real change.

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Becky Shepherd

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