Your potential students regularly use on Facebook; placing the right advert next to the right student’s Facebook profile is perfect advertising platform to enroll students and promote your open days.

Natives provide a unique Facebook Advertising Service dedicated for Colleges’ Open Days, developed using our own Facebook advertising management tools. “The Net Natives’ Facebook service has proved to be the most cost effective, targeted advertising medium we could have imagined.”

Here’s what we do

With a real case study from The College of West Anglia, who recently asked us to promote specific open days for three of their campuses in October and November.

1. Take the right brief – we consult with each college to work out who you want to reach and what you want to say to them. The message and tone for social advertising is different to other advertising medium

2. Research – we use our own Facebook tools to research your target audience; for West Anglia College there were 70,000 potential students between the ages of 15 and 16 years in the three catchment areas

3. Segment & Target the audience – this is the key, the only way to make Facebook advertising work is to target specific adverts to individuals. For the college, we broke down the audience by Gender, Age and Location.

4. Create multiple relevant adverts that resonate with each targeted segmented audience – again, the more targeted the better, for the College we used the Natives advertising tools to created 768 individual adverts for this single campaign.

5. Create the perfect landing destination – we consult with every College to help create a destination that actively encourages sign up, either within Facebook or, in the case of West Anglia, to your own website

6. Test and promote the adverts work – your campaign needs care otherwise your adverts will stop to be shown. For West Anglia we constantly tested our 768 adverts to understand which adverts were working for each segment


Gender: Female Age: 15

Gender: Female Age: 16

Gender: Male Age: 15

So what happened within 1 week?

Within a week the Colleges adverts were shown to the right audience nearly 4 million times, with over 1,100 potential students responding. Here’s what they said… “Facebook is where our students spend all of their time, making it the obvious choice for promoting our open days. The problem for us was how to create and manage Facebook advertising campaigns that work. The Net Natives’ Facebook service has proved to be the most cost effective, targeted advertising medium we could have imagined.”

Article by


Charlie Penrose

Creative Director