Clearing was a little bit different for us, too, this year. Usually, on Result’s day, our HQ is jam-packed with busy execs, constantly rotating meeting rooms and phones buzzing throughout the day. This year, all that still happened, just socially distant, online, with team members in their various home offices. Oh, and a whole lot more hand sanitiser. 

We caught up with Net Natives to find out how they found the day and what they have to say about Results Day in this new normal (insert air quotes).

Harry, Paid Media Executive

“The only word for it really is bizarre. I’ve been looking at the same four walls for the last five months, on my own, and was expecting that all too familiar busyness of Clearing. But this year it was less chaotic, calmer and more in control, too.”

Ammie, Planning

“It's been great being back in the office and seeing some people's 3D faces for the first time in 6 months! Clearing has been very different this year as it has been longer, and steadier. The breakout trend on Google is "how long does clearing last" so it's been a bit less manic in the office than it usually is and we're also separated so there's less of a buzz this year. Still keeping positive and lots of laughs (and stressed faces) - so some things never change!”

Ceila, Insights and Planning 

“Today has been my first experience back in the office since we started working from home months ago; it’s great to see my colleagues, albeit at a distance!”

Lauren, Direct Media

“Just like everything else in 2020, Clearing has been a bit different. There's been a great buzz in the office, even from a distance and we're seeing some fantastic results from our clients!”

How’s your first day back in the office been and what are your Clearing tales? We’d love to hear them. And if you fancy joining us for next year’s Clearing, check out our career page today and see if there’s an opportunity for you!

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