Every month we survey over 750 current students for our Student Pulse trend reports. And so, as the dust settles on Clearing 2021, we wanted to give our student panel the opportunity to reflect on the summer and the enrolment process to understand the effect of Covid-19 on their Clearing decisions. 

And while this is just a scratch at the surface of our student Clearing insights, you’ll be pleased to know the National Clearing Survey is coming soon, jam packed with insight from thousands of Clearing students. Ready and raring to inform your 2022 strategies. But while we wait for the report to be released into the wild, let’s take a look at what September’s Student Pulse had to tell us. 

Eight in 10 Clearing students said Covid-19 made them more likely to go through Clearing. 

Have unexpected grades and undecided minds led to more students opting for Clearing? Did they achieve better results than expected and take a shot at a higher tier university, or perhaps the last 18 months have shown them the importance of being close to home? 

It’s critical you uncover your student truths to point you towards potential pain points and marks of vulnerability that you can use to strengthen your retention and engagement strategies.

85% of students who applied were placed at one of the institutions they had initially applied to pre-Clearing.

We like to think that this particular insight shows the resilience and perseverance of the current student demographic. They know what they want, and while there might be some roadblocks along the way, they’ll figure out a route around them. AKA Clearing. 

In next year’s Clearing campaigns, don’t forget about the students who placed you as their insurance choice, or don’t meet conditional requirements. They’re your prime Clearing audience.

78% said they were very happy with their university place, and 19% were somewhat happy, leaving just 3% of students who were not happy at all with their Clearing place.

This is good news. With retention and Christmas dropout being at the forefront of many marketers’ minds right now, these satisfaction levels are very welcome news.

But it won’t hurt to consider the flip side for a second. Over one fifth of Clearing students are somewhat unhappy or very unhappy with their university place. These are the exact students you need to be playing into nurture funnels and engagement streams. 

And you’ll probably know what’s coming next; this again shows the importance of understanding your first party data, implementing progressive profiling and truly getting to know your students. Are you doing consistent health checks with your new recruits, is your data married up with the likes of admissions and student support?

When asked to rate how easy the Clearing process was, with 10 being very easy, students rated their experience an average of seven out of 10. 

Let’s end on a high. More and more students are using Clearing as an active choice to find a way into their chosen university and, slowly but surely, Clearing is shaking that ‘it’s too complicated’ reputation. With the Covid-19 class of Clearing giving their experience a seven out of 10, it shows your work as an institution with Clearing places up for grabs is really paying off. Pat on the back for you. 

But this is just a taster of the Clearing insights to come. For even more detailed intel on the type of student persona that went through Clearing this year, their motivations and the takeaways that you can bake into your 2022 strategies to add meaningful impact to your campaigns, sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when the National Clearing Survey is being released and sign up to the Student Pulse to get regular insights on your students. If you like this, you’ll love the National Clearing Survey.

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