If you’ve not read (part 1) then click on the Zero Moment of Truth below and come back when you’ve read that. It will make much more sense if you do.

The Evolution of Advertising: The Loyalty Loop

So we’ve seen how audience behaviours have changed the concepts of Moments Of Truth from a linear to a disruptive (by the consumer) model.

But social media has, once again, revolutionised the relationship between the customer and brand / product / service.

Facebook recently undertook research to update the concept of 6 Degrees of Separation and found that 92% of all Facebook users are actually connected by 4 degrees (or less).

This connectivity and ability to share is at the heart of this Third Moment of Truth, or ‘Loyalty Loop’ as originally described by McKinsey & Company in a 2010 paper released in the Harvard Business Review

The simple truism is that a vast user base is connected through social media platforms where the purpose is to enable one-to-many communications. This means that the consumer relationship with a brand / product / service doesn’t end at the point of purchase, nor does it have to start with a linear supply & demand process.

If a brand can get their customers to engage with their products or services on social media (commenting, liking, sharing) this means connections of those customers will see this positive “engagement” which is the new word of mouth advocacy process.

But…and here is the big ‘BUT’ for Net Natives’ clients in the education and local government sector… ‘Not everyone will want to like you or share your information’.

We recognised very early on that you can use your brand’s social connections through advertising without engagement, but also be smart in encouraging engagement with a normally unresponsive audience. Find out about ‘turning Likes’ into connections’.

So to close the ‘Loop’ on the ‘Moments of Truth’, as it were…

Traditional ‘linear’ methods of advertising were made redundant by consumers, who;
Use the Internet and social media to create their own Moments of Truth, but;
Consumers of non-transactional service clients do not have a single ZMOT;
Social media enables advocacy through connections, but;
Not everyone will ‘Like’ you so you need to be creative in how you ‘use’ your connections to engage their friends.

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Article by

Steve Evans