"‘Twas the night before Results Day and all through Net Natives HQ, the prep had been done and not an account was askew.

The ads were laid out by the ads team with care, in hope that A Level Results Day wouldn’t bring despair.

So come 7am on that fateful Clearing day, students, staff and executives waited, hoping to avoid dismay."

Without a government u-turn to thwart A Level Results Day this year, Clearing 2021 was enjoyable, with thousands of students receiving their predicted grades of A*s and As. But the increase in top-level grades meant around 20% of students were holding out for places via adjustment which presented a huge opportunity for institutions seeking to bolster their enrolment numbers via Clearing. And of course, with ads to optimise and enrolments to boost, our Natives were busy at work. Here’s a look into what Net Natives HQ looked like on Results Day 2021 and some insights from our very own Natives. ​

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‘It felt like a real Clearing Results Day, with a buzz in the office among marketing executives, media planners and advertisers alike. Early on, it became apparent that it wasn’t going to be a typical Clearing. Peak traffic spiked at 8.30am and dropped throughout the day, resulting in the cheapest CPCs we have ever seen and traffic at a very steady level. However, we didn’t lose spirit! With lots of new faces around the office and some much-needed treats supplied by Net Natives like ice cream and sandwiches, it was great to be back in the office for such an important day!’ - Mike Bergson, Senior Account Planner 

‘It's been great seeing everyone this year after spending the majority of the year working from home! Clearing has been another strange year with high grades and low search volumes - we're predicting it'll be an extended clearing for some.’

- Ammie Macnaghten, Senior Account Planner

‘A successful Clearing is all in the preparation and I experienced my smoothest Clearing yet. Some of our fellow Natives joined through lockdown and have been working on our client plans, so meeting each other in person for the first time and celebrating the success of the day together was awesome! The office was alive once again with a fantastic atmosphere which spurred us on throughout the day." - Connor Ward, Biddable Team Lead

What was the morale like in your office this Clearing and what stories do you have to share?

If you fancy joining us for next year’s Clearing and indulging in ice cream and sandwiches from local establishments, check out our career page today and see if there’s an opportunity for you!

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Lois King

Digital Marketing Assistant