Net Natives are excited to announce the launch of our new advertising campaign dashboards; displaying campaign analytics in real-time.

Here at Net Natives we've always understood the importance of detailed, outcome driven campaign reporting and we produce some of the most detailed digital advertising reports available. For a long time we have provided real-time lead data through our own marketing performance measurement software, Akero. Over the last year we have been working hard to do the same with the data we receive directly from all of the major advertising platforms.


Anytime, anywhere

Net Natives’ advertising campaign dashboards allow you to see how your activity is performing as campaigns run, in real-time. Reporting is available 24/7, accessible via mobile and desktop.

Multiple users can have access and all the data can be downloaded as a PDF or in Excel for further analysis, giving you ultimate flexibility and instant information with which to analyse the performance of your marketing campaigns. All major platforms are covered including Facebook, Google Search, Google Display, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. We can also display data for programmatic and media buying campaigns.


We’ve got your needs covered

As well as providing all the industry standard metrics (e.g. clicks, cost, impressions, CTR) for every campaign, we display all your stats against your agreed outcomes, whether it be generating leads, applications or any other trackable conversion. If search campaigns are being run we’ll also provide the top performing ad groups and keywords. If we are running activity to your website we use our unique campaign tagging to pull campaign specific visitor data from your Google Analytics account, giving you an even deeper view of the impact of your campaigns.

Get more from your marketing:

  • All data in our dashboards can be custom date ranged to view a specific period and automatically benchmarked against the previous period, of the same length, so you can compare performance.

  • Data from multiple marketing insight systems can be included (e.g. SEO, analytics, advertising, CRM, social media) giving a holistic view of your marketing activity.

  • Our technical team have spent months designing our dashboards to ensure they are user friendly and, when used in conjunction with our regular insight reports, give our clients all the information they need.

Want to know more?

Our real-time campaign dashboards are currently available for our clients to help them with running multiple campaigns over an extended period of time.

If you would like to find out more about using our real-time advertising campaign dashboards, or would like to know about our marketing dashboard service, please get in touch

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Don Skinner