Everyone is talking about programmatic advertising. The ability to create and implement advertising campaigns across a portfolio of media that can be adjusted in real time according to performance based on established outcomes is, naturally, appealing to many clients.

As a digital agency, of course we partner with a number of the world’s leading DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) – you can see the recommendations from The Forrester Wave™: Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) Q2 2015 here.

But it is people data that powers the performance of programmatic advertising (without it, you are buying snake oil). Using active and passive data to segment audiences into personas and use that information to create custom audiences to target directly and to expand your audience through the creation of lookalike audiences.

A DMP is a tiny, but incredibly hard working piece of code that sits on your website quietly capturing data from your websites, from your digital advertising campaigns and from your CRM data. It can then segment that data into audience segments.

And it’s these audience segments from your DMP that powers your advertising whether it is served through a DSP, search, social media or directly. It’s the people data that is the power behind the engine.

It’s your own people powered data combined with a DSP that makes the targeted advertising campaigns that works to bring in more active and passive data back into your DMP’s engine to be used again.

A DMP places you in control of your data, as opposed to a hybrid DSP (with some DMP functionality). From this comes the flexibility on how to use your data to buy media inventory (programmatically if you so wish). It means that you are not tied to specific DSPs or specifically media inventory. If one source doesn’t work, then just stop using it with no data loss.

Many publishers now have DMPs so they can sell you the ability to target their data on other websites programmatically. This is certainly very powerful and appealing, but your own data is your crown jewels.

How do we know so much about everything?

To find out more visit Activengine. The free to use DMP for registered charities.

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Don Skinner