“The Net Natives’ social and online campaigns created the biggest buzz and generated a huge turnout for our open days. Thanks!” – City College Brighton & Hove.

Net Natives have run hundreds of open day campaigns for colleges all over the UK. Our ads have been seen by hundreds of thousands of potential students and generated thousands of registrations for the events themselves.

These are our top tips…

  • Plan – who do you want to attend, what sort of person are they, who are their influencers? Do your research
  • Start early – start seeding ideas well in advance for the best turn out and give people a chance to get it in their diaries
  • Influence the influencers – make sure that the parents/carers are aware of the open days – this study showsit’s the parents that are the main influencers
  • Segment the campaigns for each audience – through Facebook advertising, create targeted messages tailored to each interest group, gender, age, etc
  • Use the right Facebook ad type for the right time and the right audience (e.g. mixing daytime sponsored stories with evening display)
  • Mix your creatives – with Facebook advertising, promote your brand as well as the specific event
  • Consider the power of social referrals – target ads to connections of your current likes who are of the right age
  • Be there when they search – bid on course terms as well as lateral terms (interests, competitors, etc).
  • Remind your website visitors of the date – with online reminder messages for people who have visited your site
  • Focus on getting data from the campaign, but don’t dissuade those from just turning up
  • Encourage sign ups with subtle calls to action – e.g. “get our prospectus” or “find out more” messages.
  • Encourage sign ups by adding a competition element to the process – see how Rotherham College did it here
  • Promote the event in all marketing, from e-mail signatures through to Twitter feeds

We hope you’ve found some ideas here to inform your marketing strategies around Open Days.  To find out more, just get in touch.

Article by


Charlie Penrose

Creative Director