Recruitment sales has had it pretty easy – there I said it. I am not saying it has been all rosy (I should know, I launched a “not very successful” job board for a legal publisher a few years ago), but the sector has benefited from year on year growth since its inception.

We all know now how this has all changed and changed dramatically.

But why are most job boards still targeting their teams on just call numbers? Yes, it is a “numbers game”, but will 100 sales calls a day work in this environment when it is easy for the client to say “we are not recruiting?”

In the last blog, I looked at creating lateral advertising opportunities; I want to look at some potential ideas for managing, targeting and rewarding online recruitment sales teams to succeed in this market. As before, these are just ideas, with no agenda, merely putting thoughts out there for feedback.

  • When anyone makes any call, find out as much information as possible – who else are they using who signs off the budget, what roles/sector are difficult to hire, when is the next review, etc. focus the information for the next call.
  • Sell to your strength, know your key markets which roles are hard to fill against your portfolio. Don’t just point to massive application rates. call with a case study.
  • Sell that case study effectively to the competitors of your clients.
  • Why just sell ad space? Sell recruitment services – what are the cyclical timings for recruitment services (grad campaigns, summer placements, major project works)
  • What rewards and incentives are you setting your sales guys? Can you be flexible in offering days in lieu, mornings off for most client wins or any other stat that you want to focus on?
  • If you have a print brand, are you doing enough to effectively cross sell campaigns across both platforms
  • Again cross platform sales across various niches?
  • Get campaigns working, review amend track. Account management should mean manage the accounts.
  • Can you offer clients reward/loyalty points for annual contracts?
  • Can you offer brand affiliation spots across the site?
  • Hunter/Farmers – should your key sales people be doing the numbers or would be more effective to create some dedicated telesales teams, with the strategic clients and deals focused by the “big guns”

Finally if there are no jobs, with that client that only means no jobs now – keep in touch with updated newsletters, relevant industry trends, add value.

The list goes on and on and most people are doing this and more, all I am saying, early in the morning (well it was when I begun this), is that there ways and means of focusing your sales and helping to focus the mind of the clients (agents or direct), by doing more than just selling ad space – I’m afraid that those days are gone for now.

Article by


Charlie Penrose

Creative Director