Ranked as one of Student Hut's top study tubers, and with over 500k YouTube subscribers, Ruby Granger is an incredible advocate for productivity.

She’s also an inspiration to other people in education, as also shares her tips and tricks for productivity to encourage others to get excited about learning. Ruby is unashamedly a self-professed big nerd. She says ‘at school, being a nerd was a negative thing, but through social media, it was very different… that has been the main thing that attracts people to my content.’ She utilises her content in ways that engage with students and creates a StudyTube community. 

Ruby Ganger Student Influencer Think Student

You will find Ruby’s name on our Think Student lineup, where she’ll be sharing how she reaches, engages and inspires students through her leading channel and hear her thoughts on how universities and brands can unlock the student audience. For now, you can read a sneak peek of her tips, but if you don’t want to miss out on the full scoop, make sure you save your virtual Think Student Live seat here.

Hey Ruby - thanks so much for sitting down with me and taking the time to discuss your world as a student influencer. Let’s jump into the questions.

So what do you think makes you so successful in what you do? Why do you think your story resonates particularly? 

I am, quite unashamedly, a nerd. But that’s just it; it’s all about authenticity, and not pretending to be someone else simply for the purpose of curating a following. You have so much to offer just as you, don’t copy someone else.


If you had to give one tip for education marketers who want their campaigns to resonate with students, what would it be?

This is a piece of advice which is relevant in quite a few cases with social media marketing, but I’d say it is to create a page where, even if the person isn’t actively considering the service or product, can go and access meaningful content which they can still benefit from. Don’t just create hyper-relevant content all the time, that’s only resonant to a tiny population, else you’ll be cutting off huge proportions of a wider audience.

Unite Students have done that quite well. They have a platform called the Common Room, and they’ve created the platform which is really useful for students, for both those in student accommodation and those that aren’t. That’s a great example of how student marketers can build engagement, create a community and do it well. 

How do you tackle each platform differently? Do you have strategies for Youtube that differ from Instagram?

Typically, I think people have one platform they mainly use and then use supporting platforms. I’ll share really useful tips on YouTube, and then Instagram is a more personal space. I will share study motivation on stories etc, but for the most part, it’s a lot less curated, it’s a place for interaction. There’s so much scope for having a really meaningful informal connection on Instagram stories which is so important.

What type of content do you think will be the most important for students moving into 2021, given the Covid-19 crisis?

As a student, I think reassurance is the key at the moment. I know that universities don’t know everything, but keeping students in the loop through social media is what I would like to see. With things like exams, for example, they could use the social media page to provide exam tips and guidance on what to expect and how to prepare. So really, 2021: reassurance. 

As both a student and content creator for students, Ruby Granger offers a unique insight into the world of Gen Z influencer marketing and the student mind. If you enjoyed this interview snippet then Think Student Live online is where you’ll get the full interview. Save your seat to avoid missing out!

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