Working from home has presented challenges for everyone, but in an industry where being stuck inside a box (living room, kids play-room-turned-office, whatever that box may be) is, ironically, not conducive to thinking outside the box, it can be impossible. We’re focussing on the creatives. Creatives often bounce ideas off each other to come up with innovative concepts, but how can they do this when they’re separated by the constraints of virtual communication?

The very notion of creativity is all about pushing boundaries and daring to try new things. So, how can you maintain your motivation to imagine big and keep on reinventing to take your campaigns from good to great?

We wanted to hear from the creatives themselves, so we interviewed our very own creative team, in addition to other creatives in the industry, to find out what spurs them on while working within the same four walls day in, day out. 

Here’s what they had to say:


“Since I’m limited in what I can do in the real world, I’ve gone for the next best thing – entering fantasy worlds in video games. I’ve always looked to video games for creativity due to how imaginative and expansive they are, whether I’m exploring a sci-fi universe or playing something grounded in reality. An added benefit is that video games clear my mind, so I can tackle my next day of work feeling rejuvenated.”

- Alex Duffy, Marketing Manager, Manchester Met University

“Routine is key. Get up early, get some fresh air and eat a good breakfast. Get organised for the day. Consume as much culture as you can and try to find inspiration wherever you can. A good lunch is essential.”

- George, Creative Copywriter, Net Natives

“Don’t fear when you hit that wall - it will come every now and then. Give yourself the chance to walk it off, shake it off, by doing something else for a little while. And then come back to it. I’ve learnt there’s no point staring at that wall, stressing.”

- Ellie, Senior Marketing Executive, Net Natives

“I have succumbed to the classic lockdown puppy.  Whilst this is not the ideal method of increasing creativity, playing with her disengages my mind and allows me to process thoughts and develop better solutions.”

- Caroline Dowler, HE Marketing Consultant

Going outside every day is so important for me; living in a top floor flat can make you feel isolated at times (Rapunzel vibes). Whether it’s cycling, dipping in the sea or just going for a walk around the block. I find it helps me to reset and think more creatively when approaching my work.

- Georgia Webb, Creative Lead, Net Natives

For me, running at lunchtime gives my mind the opportunity to think through the problems or challenges I have on my plate. While I'm focused on the run, my brain has the chance to think up an imaginative solution or two to whatever it is I'm working on. Works every time. - Freya, Senior Copywriter, Net Natives

Well, there you have it; from lunchtime running, to a winner’s breakfast, forging a routine that works for you has never been more important. And we’re here to help if you can’t muster up the creative juices yourself. If you need help with creative ads that showcase innovation and forward thinking, then get in touch with our creative team today. We’ll help you bounce ideas and keep the ball rolling. 

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Eleana Davidson

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