Net Natives were challenged to increase enquiries for both fostering and adoption, along with increasing attendance at their LGBT information evening for LGBT carers and parents in West Sussex, an untapped audience.

So what did we do to generate interest and create immediate registrations?

Know the audience

We built a series of profiles for potential LGBT foster carers’ DNA based on their search habits, demographic profiles, interests and behaviours.


Pose the questions

We created a series of creative content and imagery that highlighted the fostering opportunity and dispelled some myths to this audience to inform, engage and convert. And posed the questions in the relevant social media channels.


Be agile

By adopting our “agile” marketing methodology, where we create hundreds of iterations of content and creative and split test in real time, we allocated budget to the best performing adverts.


This resulted in...

  • 7 out of 10 attendees to West Sussex County Council’s drop in events came from Net Natives’ social media campaign
  • Exceeded all expectations for interest and enquiries


“It has always been a challenge reaching the LGBT community, but with Net Natives’ campaigns we saw a huge interest and improvement in attendance to our LGBT drop-in event, that went beyond our expectations”

Marketing & Recruitment Officer (Fostering & Adoption), West Sussex County Council